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What is sofarso.com?

• A city-centric "promotional platform"
• An easy way to get good-value offers
• A focused channel for promotions

Why visit sofarso.com?

• It has promotional offers & discounts
• It has local market information
• It has business prospects
• It has jobs opportunities

How to use sofarso.com?

• Just few-clicks away to find what you want
• Select one of the "8 Main Categories"
• Classified information will be presented to you

Hints:  Sales offers usually labelled with "green" colour

What are P, A, J ?

P Promotional Offers or Discounts
A Announcements of Speciality or Events
J Jobs Offers or Recruitment

Hints:  Pay attention to the "colours"

May we serve you?

For further details, please contact us:

 • Mobile hotline:  +016 5205 919
 • Phone:  +05 2815 919
 • Fax:  +05 2825 929

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